HCSS Education - Financial Planning Software

HCSS Education enjoys a rich heritage in education and a history of delivering the highest levels of customer service. We offer a portfolio of exceptional financial software and an exclusive brand of consultancy and training services.

Thirty years of setting the trends has helped build an enviable reputation for unrivalled expertise. 

Our team of Finance Officers, Project Managers, Trainers and Software Developers have a strong background in education and understand the demands and expectations of running a school.

It has always been the company’s sole and singular focus – to deliver our services with passion, energy and enthusiasm.
It’s this unique ability to understand the needs and expectations of the education sector that has enabled us to develop a wide range of relevant software products, training and consultancy services.

Working directly with all kinds of education establishments including primary schools, secondary schools, academies, Local Authorities and Multi Academy Trusts. HCSS Education is today’s undisputed and established market leader.

At the heart of the company is entrepreneur and Chief Executive Howard Jackson (C.Dip.A.F) – a former School Business Manager and Local Authority Accountant.

The most intuitive and clever software to keep you one step ahead

Our software is designed to win back time, reduce stress levels and strengthen the financial foundations at schools, academies, Local Authorities and Multi Academy Trusts.

Our expansive and expanding range of software is already being used by more than 4,000 schools and 1,500 academies. Also 26 Local Authorities and more than 60 Multi Academy Trusts have bought into our web-based financial planning tool FPS Web.

The FPS Web software solution – tailored for schools, academies, Multi Academy Trusts and Local Authorities – makes budget planning as stress free and easy as possible.

The comprehensive capabilities of FPS Web include:

  • Developing a five year financial plan with ease
  • Ability to plan numerous financial scenarios whilst reviewing the financial impact of each one
  • Constant in-year updates for all DfE, EFA and National requirements
  • Users or multiple users can access FPS Web online at home or in the office
  • Staffing section that calculates highly accurate salary information to the nearest day

To find out more information on our software, training and consultancy services please visit our website www.hcsseducation.co.uk


Luton Borough Council

‘‘Right from the start, HCSS impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results that both the Local Authority and schools were looking for.

Because of its years of experience in the field of education and in particular, education funding and finance, the company has been able to provide us and our schools with an exceptional financial planning software product. I have been particularly impressed with HCSS Education’s helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff who always have customer care and focus high on their agenda.

Our experience with the company confirms to us that we have embarked upon a mutually beneficial partnership.’’
Jan Powley, Group Accountant (Schools)  Luton Borough Council