HCSS Education - Financial Planning Software

With our detailed knowledge and experience of working with over 600 Academies, we can help you by ensuring you have the appropriate software to manage your finances in the short, medium and longer term. HCSS Education is delighted to introduce, the launch of FPS Web; a web-based financial planning tool designed to make budget planning for School and Academy Business Managers stress-free.  The software has been developed alongside our market leading desktop software packages FPSadvance.Net/FPSacademy.Net, which are currently being used by over 4,000 schools and over 600 Academies. FPS Web enables you to stay in control of your own budget whilst minimising the errors and inconsistencies that can inevitably occur when using a spread sheet. With the ability to create and modify budgets securely online, FPS Web provides you with the flexibility required to develop, agree and maintain a five year budget plan for your Academy.

Key benefits include:  

  • The ability to plan numerous financial scenarios, enabling you to review the financial impact of all changes, allowing critical decisions to be made faster and confidently knowing that data is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Easy to use and visually informative reporting, assisting the communication of your financial performance to your stakeholders in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Links available with a number of accountancy packages.
  • The ability to develop a five year financial projection with ease.


Five Year Financial Planning.


Long term planning, you must be joking! That was my reaction when I first became a headteacher. I wanted to make sure that all went well NOW and that meant detailed planning both academically and fiscally to ensure that the school functioned well, and it worked.

As sources of income, particularly grants became more predictable, usually tied to short and long term objectives; and Capital income became more available to those with long term objectives, my thoughts changed.

Capital programmes were easy enough to plan for long term and their resultant impact upon curriculum delivery was measurable. Planning staffing requirements became easier to do accurately for the next three years and a reasonable prediction could be made for five years.

Departmental planning for the longer term was much harder to achieve. The high expenditure departments found it easier, I.C.T. lead the way in relation to hardware costs, Science and P.E. (both of whom were ‘good’ at spending) came on board very quickly. The rest of the school initially stayed where it was at that time. Shortly afterwards curriculum implications were being considered in the longer term as staff saw the benefits of a longer term strategy and very soon five year plans became the norm.

Building programmes necessary for the development of the school were also now being considered by the whole school in the longer term.

It was not easy to be as accurate in years four and five as we would have liked but we used FPSadvance.Net  that helped significantly. It took a while for people to realise that you plan in detail for this year and set parameters for others to develop into.

The benefits were enormous.

  • The school developed faster and better.
  • The School Development Plan started to drive the budgeting decisions
  • Staffing was targeted to specific areas of development.
  • Departments were more efficient and saw where they were going very clearly.
  • We saved money. Drip feeding half done objectives each year disappeared.
  • We saved time because we got where we wanted to be much faster.
  • Morale was better because our destiny was in our own hands. (Well until the next government objective came along!).

The better the longer term planning the better was the delivery within that school year. If that sounds like the rhetoric we are always fed I apologise. The fact is that how it was for us.

Headteacher – Middle School (Cheshire)